Partnership with Salisbury Diocese, England

salisbury link logoThe Diocese of Salisbury has a link with the Episcopal Church of the whole province of Sudan, spanning both Sudan and the new country of South Sudan. It is one of the oldest diocesan links, and was set up in 1972 by the then Bishop of Salisbury, George Reindorp, and his colleagues in Sudan. The Salisbury-Sudan Link is based on mutuality through which two churches separated by distance and culture can care for one another in sharing resources, experience and practical help.

Sherborne Deanery in Salisbury Diocese, which includes Melbury has been linked with Ezo diocese since the visit of Bishop John Zawo to the Deanery in 2008. The 30 churches in the Deanery pray for and donate for various projects in Ezo. Groups from the Deanery have visited Ezo on 3 occasions.