Further threat from the Lords Resistance Army

Bishop Zawo writes on 17 April 2015

Once again Ezo is threatened by the LRA.The American forces, who monitor the LRA movements in Obo, Central African Republic, have informed colleagues in Nzara South Sudan that they have seen a heavily armed LRA troop of 60 people coming towards Ezo.

Yesterday (15/4/15) a force of the American army made up of troops based in Central African Republic and troops based at Nzara in South Sudan together with a small force from the African Union which includes the SPLA spent the night here in Ezo with an American spy plane.  This morning the plane is in the air monitoring the situation in the forests bordering Central African Republic and South Sudan.

Today two women and four children managed to escape from the LRA forces coming to attack us. They were found by
our commando forces who were patrolling the border this morning. They are now being questioned by our intelligence officers to obtain information on the attacking force.  The reality is that the LRA are closer to us at a time when people are supposed to be planting food crops in their garden and when children should be going to school'

Please pray for us at this difficult time. God bless you all.