ECS Diocese of Ezo

The ECS Diocese of Ezo was created in 1955 and is in Western Equatorial State of South Sudan. It serves the Counties(Districts) of Ezo, Tambura and Nagero. The diocese is one of the less developed dioceses of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan. The main economic activity in Ezo is subsistence agriculture. South Sudan has considerable oil reserves but these are in the north of the country and not in Ezo.

Click here for map showing location of Ezo diocese.

The civil war between the Khartoum government and the South Sudanese (mostly Christians) lasted 21 years. About 2 million people died in the war and more than 4 million people were displaced. Many lost property and were left destitute. Schools and education were disrupted. The Nairobi peace treaty signed in 2005 ended the civil war and in 2011 the people voted overwhelmingly for South Sudan to become a separate country.

The diocese also suffered attacks from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) based in neighbouring countries. The LRA attacked villagers abducting people, raping, torturing, looting and killing. The LRA has been weakened and there are hopes that it will eventually be defeated but they still mount attacks the most recent of which was last year.

Although a very new country South Sudan has also suffered from internal dissent with supporters of the president Salva Kiir and the former vice president Riek Machar fighting each other for control of oil and other resources. Once again many people have been killed and millions displaced. Most of the fighting has been in northern parts of the country and Ezo has not been much involved in this latest unrest.

All this warfare has harmed the physical and spiritual well being of the diocese. It hinders the work of evangelism and spreading the gospel. Despite this the clergy and people of the diocese have worked tremendously hard to serve this poor community. As well as its ministry of praise, prayer and evangelism the diocese supports a health programme and clinics, education and schools.